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The African girl child needs to flourish and thrive as the future giver of life and mother of nations. Consequently, she needs to be guided, and empowered. The greatest tool to promote her is granting her access to proper education, as it unlocks numerous opportunities hence empowerment. In return, it protects them against exploitation and social exclusion by providing keys to a brighter future for themselves, their families and communities at large. In light of this, Spark Empower was birthed.

Its main goal is to promote access to learning opportunities for young adults, especially in personal growth and career development. We believe when effectively supported and adequately equipped during their formative and youth years, girls are a valuable resource and possess the potential to transform the world.

Girls can be powerful agents of change and make for equal partners in solving the problems of today and tomorrow if granted the opportunity to be the drivers for sustainable development and to fulfill their human rights. Africa owes its girl child a fair world, free from discrimination, violence, and access to education for her to bloom and compete in the global arena. Stay tuned for more insights about Spark Empower and how we strive to unveil the potential of the African girl child.