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Goal Setting and Orientation

In a vibrant kickoff to this year's cohort, 58 eager mentees embarked on a transformative journey at Spark Empower's 'Goal Setting and Orientation Session.' Program Coordinator Leone Ndunda set the tone for the day, infusing the atmosphere with enthusiasm and purpose. Following suit, board members David Mulwa Mutua, Ludie Nangah Karanja, and Kanana K. Ndegwa, each offered insightful contributions, laying the groundwork for what promises to be an enriching experience. Ianson Muriu sparked engaging discussions on digital innovation, highlighting its importance in today's rapidly evolving landscape. Meanwhile, David injected a burst of energy with an exciting TikTok challenge, setting the stage for a dynamic and interactive session. Closing the session on a high note, our esteemed Patron, Babara Mula, provided a comprehensive overview of the mentorship program's modules. From career development and networking to digital branding, wellness & mental health, sex education, entrepreneurship, sustainability, financial literacy, and team building, the program encompasses a wide range of topics essential for holistic growth and empowerment. With the foundation laid and enthusiasm running high, our mentees are poised for a journey filled with learning, growth, and personal development. As they embark on this adventure, they carry with them the collective wisdom and support of our dedicated team and mentors. It's a promising start to what is sure to be an inspiring and transformative experience for all involved. Together, let's embrace the opportunities, overcome the challenges, and chart a course towards success and fulfillment. The journey begins here. Let's go forth with courage, curiosity, and conviction.